Retiring Soon

Public service doesn’t have to end with retirement

The Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC) provides federal employees and retirees with the opportunity to build stronger, healthier and safer communities through your support of United Way and HealthPartners or any registered Canadian charity of your choice … but did you know you can continue giving into retirement?

Staying Engaged - how to continue giving

If you currently participate in the GCWCC through workplace payroll deduction, you can give after you retire — but you need to choose one of three options to ensure your deductions continue:

  • Option 1. Convert your gift into monthly pension cheque deductions. Your payroll office can help you fill out form PWGSC-TPSGC 1422 - Deductions from Annuity or Annual Allowance.
  • Option 2. Complete your gift through a credit card donation, which can be submitted by calling us at 1-877-379-6070.
  • Option 3. Remit the outstanding amount by cash or cheque payable to “United Way GCWCC”.

Not yet a GCWCC participant?

In January of each year, all federal retirees across Canada (including those from the federal public service, Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP) receive a message about the GCWCC with their annual Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) pension indexation notice. This message is to remind federal retirees that they can still participate in the GCWCC after they retire with the unique feature of being able to give through pension deductions to their local United Way, Health partners and/or to any other registered Canadian charity.

If you do not currently give, as a newly retired federal employee, you will automatically be given the opportunity to support the GCWCC through a gift form that will be mailed to you during the fall campaign period.

If you have been retired for some time and have not given before, but would like to, please call us at 1-877-379-6070 or email-us at and we will be pleased to send you a form. If you would like to write to us, we can also be reached at GCWCC Retirees, 363 Coventry Road, Ottawa, ON K1K 2C5.