Retiree Direct Mail campaign

United Way Ottawa manages the GCWCC Campaign on behalf of the Treasury Board Secretariat.  Every year, United Way Ottawa and Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) make sure that federal retirees across the country receive an invitation in the mail to participate in the annual fundraising campaign along with a GCWCC gift form.

Federal retirees send in their completed gift forms to United Way Ottawa where the donations are centrally processed and the steps below are followed, depending on the donor’s wishes.

If the donor chooses to give by pension deduction:

  • the appropriate instructions go to PWGSC so that these monthly deductions can begin in January of each year;

If the donor chooses to give to HealthPartners and/or its member organizations:

  • the donation and appropriate information goes to HealthPartners so that it can fulfill the donor’s wishes;

If the donor chooses to give to his or her local United Way:

  • the donation is sent there.  Note: if the donor does not identify their local United Way by name, the donor’s postal code is used to identify their local United Way;

If the donor chooses to give to any other registered charities:

  • the donation is sent to the donor’s local United Way with appropriate information so that the local United Way can fulfill the donor’s wishes.

If you would be interested in receiving your invitation to participate in the GCWCC by email rather than by direct mail, please let us know by calling the GCWCC Retiree Hotline at 1-877-379-6070.