Retiree Campaign Fundraising and Administration costs

Treasury Board Secretariat selected United Way to manage the GCWCC because of its cost-effectiveness and its ability to achieve economies of scale and this is why the retiree direct mail campaign is managed centrally by United Way Ottawa.  Retirees across Canada send their completed gift forms to United Way Ottawa where they make sure that: PWGSC gets what it needs to start pension deductions; HealthPartners gets what it needs to distribute designated gifts to its’ members; and, Local United Ways across Canada get what they need to fulfill donor wishes and distribute gifts to other registered charities.

United Way Ottawa, HealthPartners and the Local United Ways share the costs for the centralized processing.  HealthPartners and the local United Ways may also respectively charge a fee, in accordance with their own policies, to recover fundraising and administrative costs from designated gifts to HealthPartners member agencies and/or other registered charities.  These policies are usually posted on their websites or you can call them directly.  If a fee is applied, the donation will be reduced by the amount of the fee.