Questions? Who to call

Some donors have called the charities they chose about the status of their GCWCC gifts.  We suggest instead that, if you have questions, please call either your local United Way or the GCWCC Retiree Hotline at 1-877-379-6070.  You will get a more complete answer this way.

The charities you choose will likely not be able to identify your specific GCWCC gift by your name or the amount you gave, if you call them directly.  This is because:

  • For donor privacy reasons, we do not release your name to the individual charities you choose unless you expressly ask us to do so; and
  • For efficiency and accounting purposes, all the GCWCC gifts that are designated to a specific registered charity are combined into a lump sum that is paid out by cheque at pre-set times during the year, depending on the type of gift:
    • cash, cheque and one-time credit card gifts are all paid out once each year; and
    • pension deductions are accumulated and paid out twice a year.

We hope this information is useful to you.  Please do not hesitate to call us at the GCWCC Retiree Hotline at 1-877-379-6070.