Costs of Fundraising

United Way/Centraide manages the GCWCC on behalf of Treasury Board and the Government  of Canada.  United Way/Centraide was selected for this role, through Treasury Board’s competitive process, because  of our ability to pool resources to reduce the cost of fundraising by other  charities and the ability to achieve economies of scale on their behalf.

The direct cost of fundraising for all registered charities is recovered in the form of a fundraising/adminstrtation fee. This fee covers actual costs, which includes gift solicitation, advertising and promotion, donor  recognition and stewardship, processing, charitable tax receipting, accounting,  reporting and auditing. Historically the fees ran at about 15% - Fundraising/Administration fees for the 2018-2019 campaign are currently under review

United Way’s policy is to honor all donor pledges to recipients  organizations. Circumstances sometimes impact a donor's ability to fulfill their  pledge to United Way. On average the pledge loss in a year is about  5%. (Pledges Include: Payroll Deductions, Monthly Credit Card, and post dated  cheques). As an insurance and stability to agencies we hold back 5% of all  pledges to ensure we commit to the original donor wishes.

As managers of the campaign, United Way/Centraide is able to  keep fundraising costs very low, thanks to the support of many sponsors and  contributors who provide gifts and services in-kind and who lend us their staff  through our Loaned Representative program during the campaign period.

For more  information about fundraising and administrative costs in your region, please  contact your local United Way/Centraide.