Major Donor Program

What is a Major Donor Program? In the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC) a Major Donor is an individual who donates $5,000 or more to United Way, HealthPartners and/or one of the 86,000 registered Canadian charities (including religious and educational institutions). They help ensure that the GCWCC continues to play a central role in community-building and, in doing so, inspire others to do the same.

Key Facts about the Major Donor Program:

Talk to your Campaign Leader for more information about becoming a Major Donor.

  • Key Fact #1 – Who gives at the major donor level ($5,000 and up)? Major Donors can be found at any level in the organization. In fact, a large percentage of the GCWCC Major Donors are Next Generation employees working at various levels throughout their departments.

  • Key Fact #2 – There are tax benefits - a $5,200 gift to the GCWCC in Ontario provides a tax credit of $2,048.10. In Quebec, the tax credit is $2,720.00.

  • Key Fact #3 – More of your dollars help those in need. The GCWCC Major Donor program put more dollars into the community because fundraising costs of 15% are capped at $750 for major donor gifts of $5,000 and above. By comparison, Imagine Canada’s national average fundraising cost for charities in Canada is 26% of the donation.

  • Key Fact #4 – The Major Donor program has great potential to grow and to help ensure that the GCWCC continues to play a central role in community building over the coming years.

  • Key Fact #5 – A $5,200 donation will make an incredible difference in someone’s life. It breaks down to $200 per pay, which can take four teenage girls off the street and into a shelter where they will get the counseling and support they need to turn their lives around. Or it can help three people with Muscular Dystrophy purchase a wheelchair, leg braces or a communication device.

  • Key Fact #6 – The number one reason why people do not give is “because they were never asked.” Many may not be aware that there is a GCWCC Major Donor Program.