Guiding Documents

Letter of Support
Letter sent to Deputy Ministers and Heads of Agencies for distribution to all federal government employees.

2018 Gift Solicitation Memo (PDF, 138 KB)
This memo by the GCWCC National Campaign Chair provides guidance when dealing with gift solicitation.

Manuals for United Ways across Canada

Operations Manual - GCWCC Managers (PDF, 789 KB) 2018
This manual serves as a reference and guidance tool for the GCWCC across Canada. It is the definitive document for policies, procedures and practices pertaining to the direction of the GCWCC.

Financial Management Manual (PDF, 1.24 MB) 2017 (revised Feb 27 2018)
This manual serves as a finance reference tool for the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC) across Canada. The intended users of the manual are all finance United Way staff involved in the GCWCC across Canada.