The Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC) 2017 Recognition Awards

The annual Charitable Campaign Recognition Awards are designed to recognize the outstanding contributions of federal employees and retirees to their annual campaign and their communities.

What’s New!

This year, we have simplified the nomination process to lighten the application process and to give every department equal opportunity to be considered for an award.

Departments will be encouraged to nominate for the Michael Nurse award, Mitchell Sharp Award and the My Campaign Awards only.

The Chairs Cup Award will not require a submission, instead this year the Awards Program Sub-Committee will determine the finalists and recipients with information and recommendations submitted from the GCWCC team. We hope that this new process will help to promote the inclusivity of the campaign and give organizations the opportunity to highlight the great work they do in their own campaigns.

Including the next generation of public servants is essential to the future of the GCWCC and is so important in everything that we do that it was decided that the current award structure for the Next Generation Award needs to be adapted. Therefore every department that submits a nomination and meets or exceeds the criteria set out in the award description will receive a certificate of recognition.

2017 Charitable Campaign Recognition Awards - National Capital Region

  • Michael Nurse (departments need to apply)
  • Mitchell Sharp (departments need to apply)
  • My Campaign (departments need to apply)
  • Leadership, Friends and Stars Awards (no need to apply)
  • Pledge Rate Recognition (no need to apply)
  • Thanks a Million (no need to apply)
  • Chair's Cup (no need to apply)

Michael Nurse, Mitchell Sharp and My Campaign Awards

Recipients will be chosen by application. Departments are encouraged to submit a nomination for these awards, and the successful recipients will be notified prior to official announcement.

Michael Nurse Award for Dedication and Creativity: This award is named after the late Michael Nurse, a well-known and respected public servant who is remembered for his dedication, creativity, innovation and flexibility. Recipients will demonstrate how their campaign team(s) enthusiastically embraced these values and contributed to the success of their annual charitable campaign(s).

Mitchell Sharp Award for Volunteerism and Commitment to Community: This award is named after the late Mitchell Sharp, the highly regarded Canadian statesman, who dedicated his life’s work to our country and to the well-being of its people. The recipient will be a retiree from the Public Service, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or the Canadian Armed Forces, who is recognized for a lifetime of volunteerism and commitment to community.

My Campaign! Awards: Awarded for innovation and creativity in customizing and personalizing the campaign experience so that it reflects the passions and compassions of employees. Recognition will be given for unique branding and promotion of inclusiveness, employee participation, enthusiasm, and community involvement. The creative use of social media and other communication channels will be considered as well as the buzz-worthiness of the campaign.

Note: Five awards will be presented, one for each of the following sizes of department:<250 employees; 250-999 employees; 1000-2000 employees; 2001-3999 employees; >4000 employees.

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Next Generation and Unsung Hero Awards

Departments are encouraged to submit a nomination for the awards below, Recipients will receive a certificate of recognition and will be highlighted on the GCWCC website and recognized later in the year.

Next Generation Award: Recipients will demonstrate how their departments/agencies successfully reached out to the next generation cohort of employees to interest them and engage them in the annual charitable campaign.

Honour Roll for “Un-Sung” Heroes: Organizations are encouraged to name individuals who have made an outstanding contribution through participation and commitment to their workplace campaign and who may or may not have been recognized for this. Each department/agency can nominate one person for this award. If your department or agency has more than 1000 employees, you can submit one nominee for every 1000 employees, up to a maximum of 10 nominees.

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Chairs Cup Award

Recipients will be chosen by final outcomes, no application is necessary. Recipients will be determined based on statistics and information kept by the GCWCC team.

Chair’s Cup: The Chairs’ Cup (s) recognizes excellence in all aspects of employee charitable campaigns. At the discretion of the Campaign Co-Chairs, one or more Chairs’ Cups will be presented to federal organizations or groups of employees that achieved outstanding results through excellence in fundraising, broader involvement of employees, and strengthened connections between employees and their communities. The Cup will recognize innovation and creativity in reaching new and lapsed donors, generating involvement in all generations of employees, celebrating volunteerism, and creating deliberate connections between employees, the campaign, and our communities. Chair’s Cup recipients are teams who work with energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to create an inclusive, employee-based campaign that strengthens the visibility of our communities’ needs and the differences we can and do make.

Other Awards: Recognition of Campaign Results

The following awards recognize results based on dollars donated and % increases from the previous year:

  • Leadership, Friends and Stars Awards (dependent on donation levels)
  • Pledge Rate Recognition (best)
  • Thanks a Million (for organizations where $1M or more is donated)

Organizations do not have to apply for these results-based awards. Recipients will be determined based on result statistics kept by the GCWCC team and will be recognized on the GCWCC website.

How to participate?

The Call for Nominations is now open, the deadline for submissions is Friday, February 9th, 2018, at 5:00 p.m.

In order to nominate for the following awards, you must submit a nomination. You can fill it out online or contact us at and we will send you the nomination form by email.

  • Michael Nurse
  • Mitchell Sharp
  • My Campaign
  • Next Generation Certificate
  • Unsung Heroes Certificate

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Selection Process

Finalists and award recipients will be chosen based on the information provided in the submission, along with campaign statistics kept by the GCWCC team. Please make sure your campaign results are up to date by February 9th, 2018 - 5 p.m.

The size of organizations, geographic issues and other factors (such as the impact of restructuring) will be taken into account when selecting award recipients to ensure equal opportunity for organizations.

Submissions will be reviewed by the Awards and Recognition Sub-Committee which is composed of members of the 2017 Campaign Cabinet.

Announcement of the Recipients and Finalists

Recipients and finalists will be advised by early March of their status.

For more information, please contact the GCWCC team by email at or by phone at 613-683-3824.