Reporting Results

Departments reporting verbal results during the campaign (departmental administrators/users)

The national aspect of the GCWCC Workplace Charitable Campaign provides departments, agencies and other federal organizations with the opportunity to recognize and celebrate a shared commitment to community among their employees and members.

United Way Ottawa (UWO), as GCWCC Campaign Manager mandated by Treasury Board, encourages the national aspect of the campaign by providing an online facility, the National Online Report Tool (NORT),  for departments to collect and report on national level results, as the campaign unfolds across the country.

Feedback from previous participants includes:

  • Participation signals interest in a more holistic departmental result;
  • National results clearly identify the contribution that regional staff make to the campaign and gives a “the bigger picture” of the GCWCC campaign;
  • Participation in team-building by ensuring all offices are recognized;
  • NORT is easy to use.

NORT enables departments to collect the following summary data: # of Employees, Goal, # of Donors, Special Event $s to date, and Donor pledge $s to date

If you are a Departmental User, go to NORT, and login as directed. If you would like help with submitting your verbal national results in NORT, review the NORT Departmental User Guide [PDF 848 KB].

If you are a Departmental Administrator and would like help with managing your department’s verbal national results in NORT, review the NORT Departmental Administrator Guide [PDF, 1.44 MB].

Local United Ways Submitting final official national results (UW GCWCC managers)

At the end of the campaign, local United Way GCWCC Managers are required to collect final campaign results from the departmental offices in their area and to enter these results in NORT.  This information will enable the National Office to produce the National Results database, which United Ways and departments can access to view their results.

To submit your GCWCC Final Results, go to NORT, and log-in as your United Way.

If you would like help with submitting your final national results in NORT, review the NORT GCWCC Managers Guide [PDF, 1.75 MB]