2014 "Un-sung" Campaign Heroes

2014 "Un-Sung" Campaign Heroes

The “Un-Sung” Campaign Heroes recipients were nominated by their organizations to receive this award in recognition of their outstanding contribution and commitment to the annual workplace charitable campaign.

Kayla Carrière - Parks Canada

In her role as Directorate Captain, Kayla Carrière contributed significantly to the success of fundraising events in Parks Canada. She led a multi-day Book Sale that raised a significant amount of funds for the campaign. The event required a great deal of work to organize and obtain book donations. In addition, she successfully co-led a Pizza Lunch and Halloween Costume Contest for her group amidst their restructuring phase. Lastly, Kayla successfully worked on the campaign’s communication plan by revamping and maintaining Parks Canada’s campaign intranet site. Hats off to Kayla for all of her contributions, including great campaign promotional materials and communications products!  



Nicole Carrière - Canada School of Public Service

Every year, Nicole Carrière makes a commitment to participate in her workplace charitable campaign. She’s one of the core members of the Canada School of the Public Service team and also the first one to volunteer to participate in events undertaken by the department. This year, she ensured CSPS had a successful 100% canvass and this generated fantastic results for the campaign. In her campaign team role, she has encouraged many employees to become new donors, including some who are now Friends and Leaders of the campaign. Hats off to Nicole! Her commitment and dedication to making a difference in our community is remarkable.

Marie-Christine Cloutier - Environment Canada

Marie-Christine Cloutier’s contribution to this year’s charitable campaign was both quantitative and qualitative. From the very first day, she dove 200% into her role as Branch Coordinator with all her energy and enthusiasm. Marie-Christine's hard work in engaging her peers made it possible for her branch to surpass their target by reaching 138% of their goal. Although the numbers themselves are impressive what is truly noteworthy is her energy, enthusiasm, willingness to help, her initiatives and leadership with volunteers, as well as the way she inspired her entire branch to participate in the campaign. Hats off to Marie-Christine! The impact of her dedication was priceless.


Mélanie Côté - Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Mélanie Côté’s participation was crucial to the success of Citizen and Immigration Canada’s charitable campaign. She readily volunteered to support the coordinator in Human Resources Branch. With her strong sense of organization, Mélanie developed various tools for tracking activities. She also established an effective rapport with the Internal Communications team and this has helped significantly with the timely preparation and release of campaign messages. Mélanie has been a source of inspiration to her coworkers through her hard work in support of a good cause. She has made a difference to the campaign each and every day. Hats off to Mélanie!  Her initiative has helped us to overcome many obstacles, which contributed to making this campaign a real success. 

Francine Gagnon - Public Works and Government Services Canada

Francine Gagnon played a key role in the department campaign efforts well before the official campaign launched. As Campaign Event Coordinator for her Directorate, the activities she planned were fun and exciting networking opportunities for the entire Branch and also raised an amazing amount of donations.  Francine’s enthusiasm is infectious. She continually inspired others on the team to do more, try harder, and become involved. Under her planning, events are a joy to participate in! Hats off to Francine! With a constant smile on her face and continuous willingness to help, she is a shining example of the charitable campaign’s mandate and goal!


Jocelyn Gaumond - Public Works and Government Services Canada

Jocelyn Gaumond volunteered for the role of Charitable Campaign Branch Coordinator within the Accounting, Banking and Compensation Branch. With his positive and energetic personality, he easily engaged his colleagues to pledge and volunteer their time. Jocelyn was determined to meet the challenging branch target. Not only did he meet his objective, he also helped the department meet its overall target. He assisted the campaign team and organized large-scale events, such as the Managers’ Community Network Mi$$ion: 60 seconds. He was also instrumental in organizing the online auction, and spent an entire weekend helping enter information for each item in the online auction database. Jocelyn was always pushing the envelope and thinking outside the box to raise more funds, even offering incentives so that other branches could also meet their campaign objective. Hats off to Jocelyn!  He truly embodies the PWGSC values - Respect, Integrity, Excellence and Leadership which are synonymous with the charitable campaign principles.

Lisa Gregory - Western Economic Diversification Canada

Lisa Gregory contributed to all aspects of Western Economic Diversification Canada’s charitable campaign. She prepared promotional materials and communications; assisted in all events; collected donations; donated items for weekly raffles; and baked treats for a bake sale. Lisa’s contributions were both tangible, in the materials she donated, and intangible, in the fantastic ideas she shared. Her teamwork abilities and assistance helped the department achieve great results to support a good cause.  Some of the initiatives doubled their donations thanks to Lisa’s efforts including a bake sale and a “coffee truck” run throughout the office. Hats off to Lisa! Her participation and enthusiasm were a great support to the success of the campaign.


Émilie Léger - Canada Revenue Agency

For the past two years, Émilie Léger has been the Campaign Coordinator in the Commissioner’s Office. Every year, she puts together an action plan, attends training sessions, drafts emails and recruits canvassers. Her detailed planning ensures the success of events that raise funds and awareness. Among the events she organized this year were: The Candy Stop; Popcorn Sales; coffee with the Commissioner which attracted 150 attendees; and a Halloween Bake Sale. Hats off to Émilie who continues to amaze her fellow employees by tirelessly devoting her personal time; baking delicious treats, shopping for necessary items over the weekend, and looking after all of the details that make our events so successful.

Tina Mackell-Laplante - Canadian Human Rights Commission

Midway through the campaign, the Canadian Human Rights Commission had already surpassed its charitable goal! This great success is mainly attributed to one individual: Tina Mackell-Laplante. Tina ensured that all canvassers had the necessary tools to facilitate their work. She organized training sessions and made sure canvassers had all the information they needed to reach to all employees.  She drafted key messaging to help canvassers in their communications with employees.  She planned the Commission’s launch event and a successful bake sale and invited guest speakers who really made a difference. Hats off to Tina! Because of her dedication and hard work and exceptional organizational skills, Tina was able to get everyone to work with her to make the Commission’s campaign a triumph.


Véronique Martin - Canadian Heritage

The Charitable Campaign Team at Canadian Heritage experienced challenges this year.  Part way into the campaign period, the Campaign Leader had to go on extended leave. As a result, a committee of dedicated employees volunteered to give pitch in and help manage the department’s campaign.  All of them were great, but special thanks go to Véronique Martin — known as the Canadian Heritage’s “Un-Sung” Campaign Hero. Véronique skillfully coordinated the canvassing process and became adept at chairing meetings throughout the campaign.  She also stepped in on numerous occasions to help other committee members when they were away from the office or unavailable. She consistently generated creative, yet realistic, solutions to overcome challenges. Véronique confidently exceeded all expectations in her role. Hats off to Véronique! In many ways, she was the back bone of Canadian Heritage’s campaign.

Kathleen Naluzny - Natural Resources Canada

In June 2014, Kathleen Naluzny volunteered to build and maintain an easy-to-use wiki site for her department’s charitable campaign. By adding a regional section to the wiki to make information about the campaign available nationally, Kathleen helped to promote a sense of inclusiveness across the department, enabling  employees to engage in the campaign through the wiki— the "go to" resource for volunteers and donors. The site is now a legacy piece for future campaigns. Hats off to Kathleen for her tremendous contribution to NRCan’s 2014 charitable campaign!


Hong Nguyen - Justice Canada

Hong Nguyen’s enthusiasm and contribution to the 2014 Justice Canada charitable campaign were both invaluable and exceptional. As Co-Champion of previous campaigns, Hong ensured a smooth transition to the new charitable campaign Champions. He not only paved the way through knowledge transfer, but he participated in activities, which benefitted the campaign and community. He also took the time to call each and every one of his colleagues to support, encourage and thank them. Hats off to Hong! He is highly commended for his continuous contribution, leadership, dynamism, dedication and teamwork - qualities that he has demonstrated year after year in supporting Justice Canada’s campaign.

Ron Oslund - Transport Canada

Ron Oslund’s commitment and passion for supporting a good cause was clear when he first came on board to join the Transport Canada charitable campaign team. There was no hesitation on his part to help support the campaign. He worked tirelessly with his colleague, Stéphane Tourangeau, to deliver the 2014 Charitable Campaign Talent Show by investing his personal time and resources into its success. Hats off to Ron for raising money while showcasing the talents that exist within the Public Service. This was an amazing way for him to make a difference in his community.  


LCol Sophie Pellicano - Department of National Defence

LCol. Sophie Pellicano was the backbone behind the successful DND charitable campaign. Her assistance was key in helping DND surpass the one million dollar donation mark. As Assistant Campaign Leader, Sophie enthusiastically seized the opportunity to bring a different and energetic vision to the DND campaign and her positive oversight throughout helped to ensure that people were afforded the opportunity to contribute through participation. One of Sophie’s greatest strengths throughout the campaign was communications. She worked diligently behind-the-scenes to promote awareness about the department’s events and communicated regularly with team leaders and the charitable campaign team.  Her genuine enthusiasm and ability to engage with volunteers led to some of the highest participation rates DND has experienced to date. Simply stated, Sophie was the glue that held everything together, whether it was the public relations aspect, senior leadership involvement or advice on how to improve canvassing. Hats off to LCol. Sophie Pellicano! The campaign obtained impressive results, in large part due, to her dedication and efforts.

Marc Savoie - Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Marc Savoie was instrumental in all aspects of DFO’s campaign — from recruiting and training canvassers to soliciting donations for the Silent Auction. Marc leveraged his knowledge to create a ‘road map’ for campaign event organizers, empowering them to navigate the 'web of rules' with ease.  He selflessly committed his time to develop and deliver comprehensive canvasser training in both official languages. Not only did his enormous efforts in recruiting and training canvassers set a new baseline for the department, he developed a toolkit that will enable campaign planners to hit the ground running for next year’s campaign. Marc has also been the organizational driving force behind the record-setting Blitz Day for DFO this year. From overseeing the logistics behind-the-scenes to offering tailor-made training for volunteers, Marc was an inspiring presence. Hats off to Marc! His amazing contributions helped increase pledge rates in the DFO and his vision helped build a more inclusive canvassing approach to the department’s campaign.


Anita Szerze - Canadian Environment Assessment Agency

Anita Szerze was one of the coordinators for the Amazing Race, a special, fun activity that enabled team- building among employees at the Canadian Environment Assessment Agency. In her canvassing role, Anita inspired her peers to participate in the campaign. She also devoted her time and effort to raise awareness about the campaign. Anita’s extraordinary attention to detail ensured that all activities were extremely well organized and executed. Hats off to Anita! Her efforts contributed to helping the agency exceed its goal by over 25 % and significantly raise its pledge rate by 15 % in comparison to the previous year. 

Lise Tessier - Industry Canada

Lise Tessier was the creative mastermind behind Industry Canada’s first ever Heels, Totes ’n’ Ties Sale event. She coordinated the big sale and silent auction of gently-used women’s and men’s shoes, bags and accessories donated by employees to support IC’s campaign that raised a tremendous amount of money for the campaign. Lise started planning this event in August. She collected items from employees and companies that were willing to make donations. Under her leadership, a large group of volunteers, cleaned the items, priced them, and displayed them for the big sale. Lise also coordinated the logistics, trained the volunteers and much more. Hats off to Lise! Her contribution really made this amazing event a big-time success!


Karen Toop - Industry Canada

Who could promote Industry Canada charitable campaign more effectively than Karen Toop? Her amazing perseverance and triumph in the face of adversity inspired Industry Canada’s employees to give their all to the campaign. In 2012, Karen had a life-changing accident minutes after walking out of her Industry Canada workplace. Karen was struck by a snow plow on her way home and, as a result, became a double amputee. She survived thanks to the incredible team at the Ottawa Hospital and the love and support of her family and her community. This year, she was invited to be an ambassador for Industry Canada’s charitable campaign. Karen generously gave her personal time to come into the office for various events and fundraising activities to share her story with her former colleagues. In between ongoing physiotherapy sessions and surgeries, she was fully engaged and involved in the department’s campaign, and always with a smile. Hats off to Karen who is a tremendous source of inspiration to us all!

Stéphane Tourangeau - Transport Canada

Whether helping colleagues understand the value of making a difference in our community or advocating for change and innovation, Stéphane Tourangeau from Transport Canada has truly demonstrated his commitment to the campaign. His passion for building, nurturing, and helping others drives change to make good things happen. Stéphane dedicated his personal time to produce this year’s Government of Canada Talent Show in the National Capital. To ensure the show’s success, Stéphane promoted the show on social media and acted as the voice and face of the show, liaising with performers and service providers to help them deliver terrific performances. Hats off to Stéphane!  What better and creative way to support the community than by showcasing the great talent that exists in the public service?